• Hewitt Continues

    Rick Perlstein e-mailed this morning to say that he too trudged through a Hewitt book for the good of his readers. Not only do I sympathize, but I'm a great believer that authorial sacrifices like reading Hugh Hewitt mandate long-lasting rewards. So go give his review the half-life it deserves, I'm sure it'll aid his recovery greatly. For those wondering, I'm about 110 pages into the book, and it's now changed from lying a lot to talking about history a lot. In the last 30, it's morphed again and is making bizarre assertions about blog power. My favorite thus far: The blogs will move much more quickly, and with much greater authority, than the MSM. They will make or break the nominee. [P]erhaps future presidents ought to put three or four names out for collecting blog vetting before a final choice is made. The White House Counsel's Office and the Department of Justice are staffed by fine lawyers with great capacity for research and analysis. But their number and energy are finite. He'...
  • Lebanon

    I haven't said anything on the Lebanon/Syria situation because I don't know anything about Lebanon or Syria. I do, however, know enough to recommend Praktike's comments on the matter. And by the way, are you reading Liberals Against Terrorism ? Cause if you're not, you should be. Even Haggai's hanging out there now.
  • And Don't Tell Me Different

    Will the prime minister be Jafari? Chalabi? A third candidate? I don't know, but I know who to ask : A close aide to al-Sistani, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the alliance leaders will visit his office in Najaf to get his blessing for their choice for prime minister. If they cannot agree, al-Sistani will decide. You know what this doesn't sound like? Iran. Nope, not in the least.
  • Wanted: Cold-Blooded Networkers With Democratic Loyalties

    Mark Schmitt's post on the narrow missions of foundations reminded me of something Nick Confessore wrote a few weeks back in his New York Times Magazine expose of Bush's tax plans (behind the archive so no link): Within Republican circles, Norquist's job is to organize other organizations, making sure the different branches of conservatism are moving in the same direction, at the same time, to the greatest extent possible. His particular genius is for persuading one organization to reach beyond its own agenda to help out another -- for getting, say, the cultural traditionalists at the Eagle Forum to join the business libertarians at the Competitive Enterprise Institute in opposing fuel-economy standards for automobiles by convincing the traditionalists that, as Norquist once explained to me, ''it's backdoor family planning. I know lots of lefties who wonder why we lack a Grover Norquist-like enforcer, but not enough who wonder why we lack movement chieftains with his talents. A few...
  • Vote George

    This is a very, very stupid poll . If George Washington came back from the dead and tried to capture the presidency, I'd vote for Bush as well! Why? Because he knows who Osama bin Laden is. And he has likely heard of the internet, not to mention Medicare. And his context isn't centuries old. The poll's only interesting feature was that Bush won among Republicans and Washington won among Democrats and Independents, proving that we've reached the level of polarization needed to make an Encino Man candidacy viable.
  • Squeeze the Right

    You should read Ed Kilgore's comments on the latest salvo in the abortion battle, wherein Carol Tobias of the National Right to Life Committee firmly rejected Hillary Clinton's call for compromise. As Ed notes, hardcore anti-choice folks don't see a moral difference between birth control and abortion procedures, forcing them to explain that publicly drives a wedge in their colaition. But at the end, Ed writes that: Hillary Clinton has just given us all a textbook case of what it really means to "seize the center": it does not mean "moving to the right," it means moving to higher and stronger ground. I'm starting to think that it's the whole concept of a "center" that messes up progressive politics. Conceptually, you can only occupy so much ground, so if you're seizing the center you're not covering the left. But Hillary's not seizing the center, she's squeezing the right. Her framing pushes them out of a whole range of positions they formerly inhabited and leaves room only for those...
  • Such Innocence

    Now be honest. Is there anything cuter than a freshman Republican Senator? Because Isakson's adorable comments sure make me want to tickle him under the chin.
  • Outsourcing's Next Target

    Well this is brilliant . We're outsourcing the war to incompetent soldiers from poor countries with shoddy human rights records. And, just like with regular outsourcing, the manpower is being massed through a byzantine web of contractors and subcontractors and no one can figure out what country's laws, if any, these guys fall into. In addition, our contact point was Custer Battles, the same Custer Battles that defrauded us out of $15 million by, among other shenanigans, providing security to an airport that wasn't in use. Excellent.
  • The Carter Agenda

    Matt's asking the big questions: If Jimmy Carter is truly a traitor, yet as an ex-president he still gets top-level intelligence briefings, is the Republic safe? I expect that George W. Bush is feeding him misinformation so Carter will mislead his superior (code name: Jesus), but how can we know the tricky devil isn't seeing right through it? Indeed, are we giving him access to confidential memos on CIA agents? If so, has he done anything to blow cover, like pose nude for homosexual websites or offer his services as a male prostitute? Has anyone looked into that Sunday school Carter has been teaching for decades? Maybe he's a pedophile! These questions must be answered, and quickly. While the Democrats stonewall, Jimmy Carter plots and Americans slumber on, dangerously unaware of the 80-year old ex-president and his similarly aged wife massing on their border.
  • Campus Progress

    If you haven't been already, you should really be checking out the newly-launched Campus Progress . As the kids say, it's the shizzle. Update : While you're there, you really have to check out " So Speaks Some Guy With a Website ". Brilliant.