Yesterday Ann pondered:

If NARAL truly believed Obama to be the superior candidate on choice, they could have made this endorsement months ago. Such a move would have been far more damaging to Clinton. I do wonder, though, why NARAL chose to endorse now rather than, say, in a few weeks when Clinton may well have dropped out.

I don't think NARAL did truly believe Obama was superior on their issue. Rather, they likely believed, just as they've said again and again, that cleaving space between the two candidates on reproductive health would only weaken both of their appeals. So why the endorsement now? My guess is that they wanted to:

1. Pressure Clinton, a longtime ally, to drop out. NARAL likely believes that a prolonged primary with two Democrats attacking each other hurts their issue and foremost priority -- electing a pro-choice president.

2. Do a favor, while they still could, for the highly likely Democratic nominee and possible future president.

--Dana Goldstein

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