Alan Wade

Alan Wade is a writer and filmmaker living in New York City.

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Bangkok Dispatch

Two and a half weeks after one of the worst natural disasters in the region's history seemed the wrong time to go to a film festival there, but when the Bangkok International Film Festival decided to go ahead as scheduled, and to donate part of the ticket proceeds to the relief effort, it seemed impossible to refuse the invitation to show a film I had directed. Which is why I found myself recently flying the nearly 24 hours from New York to Bangkok, where I arrived just as the festival was getting under way. I had expected to find a city in mourning, but in fact there was less talk -- at least within the festival bubble that I lived in -- about the tsunami than there had been in New York. The opening night of the festival was a benefit for the relief effort, there were collection boxes at the theaters, and I once saw, in an English-language crawl on an electronic billboard near the center of town, an appeal for blood donations -- but unless I asked, no one I encountered mentioned the...

Ground-Game Dispatch

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida -- The vans came at 10 Sunday morning to take us to the America Coming Together (ACT) office, several miles inland from the pretty beach on which we are staying in a motel that does not appear to have changed since the '50s (which may have been when the beds were bought and the curtains last cleaned). The ACT offices are located at the back, and unlovely, end of a shopping mall, somewhere in a vast sea of shopping malls, many boarded up, that seems to form the heart of greater Fort Lauderdale, at least that small part of it that I've seen. We gather in a large, windowless room for our briefing. More vanloads filter in until our entire New York contingent had arrived, all 90 or so of us, the friends and friends of friends of five new-media types in New York who've decided at the last minute that they should do something to help John Kerry win, and who thus organized this trip down to Broward County to help get out the vote. When we are all assembled, Alison G...

Trial Run

As the Democratic primary campaign narrows to only two or three candidates, I find myself -- a northeastern progressive whose only objection to the term "liberal" is that it doesn't sound liberal enough -- more and more often defending my choice of John Edwards to my progressive friends, some of whom are a little aghast at my choice of a southern moderate, especially at this late date, when John Kerry looks to have things sewn up. I mostly leave the subject of electability to others (palm readers, journalists, pollsters, drunks), as my choice has little to do with that, though I find that once I've gotten done explaining to myself why I like Edwards, he ends up seeming more electable to me than the other guy as well. My choice has to do with Edwards' brand of populism, which many party leaders have pronounced to be the equivalent of electoral death and which reminds some of William Jennings Bryan. But when Edwards speaks of "two Americas" -- the one for whom there are no economic...