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DEBATING VOTE BY MAIL. The Prospect put out a special report this month on Oregon's system of all-mail voting, which is serving as a model for efforts to spread mail voting in other states across the country. We then invited six experts and advocates, including former Oregon secretary of state Phil Keisling and avowed mail-voting opponent Curtis Gans of American University, to debate the issues raised in the report. The ensuing exchange was both lively and, given the subject matter, remarkably heated. For folks interested in electoral reform, it's not to be missed , and people should use this comments thread to weigh in with their own thoughts; participants in the exchange are interested in seeing them. --The Editors


JUST POSTED ON TAPPED: BOUNDARY ISSUES. Tara McKelvey talks to Anthony Lewis about illegal wiretapping, executive power, John Yoo , and other pressing topics. --The Editors

Vote By Mail: An Exchange

The American Prospect 's May special report, " The New Ballot Box ,” concerns Oregon's vote by mail system and the spread of mail voting across the country. We invited six election law experts and advocates to respond to the report and to debate the merits of all-mail voting. What follows is the first round of the exchange, kicked off by two initial responses to the report by two skeptics of vote by mail: Curtis Gans of American University and Daniel P. Tokaji of Ohio State University. An Accident Waiting to Happen : An initial response to “The New Ballot Box,” by Curtis Gans Don't Give Up On HAVA : An initial response to “The New Ballot Box,” by Daniel P. Tokaji On Turnout and Tampering : Four responses to Gans and Tokaji, by Stuart Comstock-Gay , Phil Kiesling , Adam J. Smith , and Tova Andrea Wang A Quick Fix, and Dangerous, Too : Responding to comments, by Curtis Gans A Step Backwards : Responding to comments, by Daniel P. Tokaji


TAP IN THE TIMES. Be sure to check out this charming front page profile today in The New York Times of Supreme Leader Mike Tomasky and the accompanying article about the debate heralded by his May cover story . --The Editors


JUST POSTED ON TAP: THE POLITICS OF DEFINITION.* For those of you looking for some weekend reading, all four parts of �The Politics of Definition� by John Halpin and Ruy Teixeira are now available. The article draws some similar conclusions to those made by our fearless leader, Mike Tomasky , in our current cover article . * Okay, okay, fixed. --The Editors