The Ghost of Health Care Passed


JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA—Last night's GOP debate was a smashing success for Mitt Romney. For once, he had been properly coached on answers to rebut Newt Gingrich. He turned the tables on the former speaker, using the same confrontational tone that Gingrich had in past debates to great success.

Given Romney's rising poll numbers after Gingrich's ineffectual debate performance on Monday, last night's spectacle should be enough to cement Romney as the favorite for Tuesday's primary in Florida. The former Massachusetts governor didn't coast through entirely unscathed, though. Rick Santorum unleashed an aggressive attack on the topic that's expected to cause the most trouble for Romney among primary voters: health-care reform in Massachusetts. This was the expected albatross around Romney's campaign—not his experience at Bain. 

Santorum minced no words yesterday, accusing Romney of being Obama in a richer suit. "What Governor Romney just said is that government-run, top-down medicine is working pretty well in Massachusetts and he supports it," he said. 

Santorum is right: Despite Romney's protestations that Obamacare is a socialist menace but Romneycare is not, the two systems are at heart the same.

Romney wasn't quite sure how to respond. "Rick, I make enough mistakes in what I say, not for you to add more mistakes to what I say," he began, before launching into a full-scale defense of the individual mandate. "If you don't want to buy insurance, then you have to help pay for the cost of the state picking up your bill," he said, "Because under federal law if someone doesn't have insurance, then we have to care for them in the hospitals, give them free care."

That's the same argument Obama will make to defend the Affordable Care Act's mandate. Romney can't easily turn around and claim that Obama's plan decays capitalism when there will be abundant evidence of him proffering the same ideas. As Prospect alum Adam Serwer notes, the most remarkable fact isn't merely that Obama and Romney took the same practical solution to their health care bills, but rather that the Republican debate audience appeared to hold no qualms with those tenets when they were wrapped in conservative rhetoric.

I caught up with one of Romney's past critics following the debate. Many in the media expected former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty to be Romney's most viable opponent, and that he would center his campaign on opposition to Massachusetts' health-care reform. The death knell for Pawlenty's campaign came when he was unable to stand by his attacks against Romney during one of the early debates. He's since endorsed Romney and travels around as one of his primary surrogates. When I caught some alone time with him in the spin room following the debate, Pawlenty had nothing but praise for Romney. For Pawlenty, Romney has walked the line between defending his law while still harnessing hatred for all things Obama. "He's made it very clear to me—he's said very repeatedly and strongly—that he's 100 percent committed to repealing Obamacare and I take him at his word," Pawlenty told me. "I believe him."


He can't face Obama and seriously give that answer about state vs. federal and the mandate. That will go right over the heads of most of the electorate. Face it, Romneycare was the model for Obamacare. Now he also has a new problem. It seems a company for which he served on the board was involved in a huge Medicare scam for which the company had to pay $119 million in fines. How did you get your money really Mr. Romney? Was it from ripping off the system which is designed to help seniors. The more we hear about this guy the dirtier he gets.

"He can't face Obama and seriously give that answer about state vs. federal and the mandate. That will go right over the heads of most of the electorate."

Did everyone in America flunk their 8th Grade Civics class? If you do not understand federalism -- the difference between the powers states have and the powers the federal government has -- then maybe you shouldn't vote. If you do not understand that the federal government is limited to those powers enumerated in the Constitution and has NO OTHER POWERS, then you need to go back to grade school. Wake up America and get a clue!!!

Well Said... Apparently TGrade1 is in the 1st Grade....

Any one who passed high school government class knows that McCulloch v. Maryland (1813) mandated that the federal government has implied powers. Most, but apparently not everyone, understands the idea behind the elastic clause found in Consitiution. Based on your own advice, maybe you should avoid casting your ballot this year.

I don't believe it will go over voters' heads that a state run system is completely different from a federal system. In terms of sheer dollars spent, as well as Federalism. There are many, many things the Feds shouldn't do that the states can and should. Police power is at the state level, and the 10th amendment is pretty clear. That's something that resonates with the GOP base.

Way too many have adopted the idea that if you say something enough it must be true. Romney is right Obamacare is not substantially similar to Romneycare.

Yes both have a penalty for free loaders who don't pay for their care and force those who do to pay for those who don't. But their the similarities end.

The MA legislation is does not have 2700 pages of regulation to go with it. It does not have a little thing called the medical loss ratio limits to penalize insurance companies if they don't spend their premium dollars where the federal gov. says they should. It is not a one size fits all solution for every state.

Finally, it was not a half way point in achieving the objective supported by many liberals that the nation should have single payer socialized medicine run by the federal government.

In substance the gap between Obamacare and Romneycare is as wide as the Pacific Ocean.

a Cessna is not a 787 Dreamliner but they both do the same thing. Ma represents only 2% of America a Cessna only has 3% of the mass of a Dreamliner

Are you really this stupid? You say there are lots of differences between Romneycare and Obamacare, yet the only difference you cite are the number of pages in each bill and the fact that Obamacare imposes a medical loss ratio. Well, Obamacare is not 2,700 pages nor anything close to that and you cannot produce a single link that demonstrates that the bill that passed (PPACA) is anywhere near 2,700 pages.

As for the medical loss ratio, 34 states (including Massachusetts) impose medical loss ratios. So it's foolish to suggest that PPACA has imposed some strange requirement.

You may want to withhold your comments until you become better informed. Otherwise, you can easily be made to look ridiculous.

Mitt Phoney doesn't even have a workable solution to fix Obamacare. His intention to use an executive order to quash the program, has one glaring problem. An executive order only has weight until it is challenged in court. It then becomes null and void with court requiring tradition methods to change the law. So the question isn't if will be challenged but which state's enterprising Democratic Attorney General will be the first to challenge it in court, thus giving them immediate national celebrity status.
As disgusted as I am with my current president his politics are brilliant. Consider for a moment the numerous bills and extensions that expire in the 3rd quarter of this year. Forcing the Republicans into a precarious position on how to proceed. One example: Debt limit (as of today 15.29 trillion dollars) is due to be eclipsed in November. Reality is it always happens sooner then expected. Congress will have to vote to increase it or shut the government down mere weeks before election. Democrats will have their best snake oil salesman face on when they compromise to just a 2 month extension. Then the first thing a new president would have to do is not the Obamacare waivers but ask congress to increase the debt limit again. This will be very heavily covered at the time and then force who ever is debating Obama to acknowledge the need to increase the debt limit in October and also acknowledge that on the first days in office that they too will ask congress to again raise the debt limit. Completely neutralizing (at least in the eyes of the average voter who aren't political junkies) the debt ceiling argument.
Obama plays chess while the GOP is stuck playing Tic Tack Toe, and he will be reelected despite the efforts of countless well intended advocates. Trying to find the silver lining? Obama will have to clean up his own mess instead of the GOP candidate being blamed for the fallout of Obama's term. Remember also, the GOP chastised him incessantly on blaming the previous administration, so how could they do the same? Another benefit will be to secure a GOP victory in 2014 shoring up their slim majority in the Senate and recapturing some of the lost seats in the House.

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· In 1995, the year he become speaker the debt was $4,974 trillion
· In 1996 the debt was $ 5,225 trillion
· In 1997 the debt was $5,413 trillion
· In 1998– the last year of his speakership– the debt was $5,526 trillion

Gingrich Supported Goldwater? Newt Helped Reagan End the Cold War? Said Newt Gingrich in the Tampa Debate: “I went to a Goldwater organizing session in 1964. I met with Ronald Reagan for the first time in 1974. I worked with Jack Kemp, and Art Laffer and others to develop supply side economics in the late ’70s. I helped Governor Reagan become President Reagan. I helped pass the Reagan economic program and worked with the National Security Council on issues including the collapse of the Soviet Empire…” Said Gingrich before: On Reagan’s decision to meet with Mikhail Gorbachev, Salon’s Glenn Greenwald notes: “Newt Gingrich… denounced President Reagan’s rapprochement with Gorbachev in 1985 as potentially “the most dangerous summit for the West since Adolf Hitler met with Chamberlain in 1938 at Munich.”

Shockingly Massive Evidence That Newt Gingrich is Far From Being A Conservative!

Gingrich Condemned How Reagan Ended the Cold War: Newt says he helped Reagan defeat the Soviet Union. Was that before or after he said this? Reports BBC: In 1985… Mr. Gingrich referred to a meeting between Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev as “the most dangerous summit for the West since Adolf Hitler met with Chamberlain in 1938 at Munich”.

I don't believe it will go over voters' heads that a state run system is completely different from a federal system. In terms of sheer dollars spent, as well as Federalism. There are many, many things the Feds shouldn't do that the states can and should. Police power is at the state level, and the 10th amendment is pretty clear. That's something that resonates with the GOP base.
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