Woody Allen's Excellent Adventure

Midnight in Paris is nothing more than a dilettante's guide to the City of Lights.

Stop the Damsel in Distress Act

Parks and Recreation's once-funny and subversive lead character turns into an anti-feminist cliché.

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

The Oscars recognize women in non-traditional roles, but leave actors of color behind.

I Fought PBS and PBS Won

Downton Abbey gives the network a bona fide guilty pleasure.

The Winner Is...Romney's Debate Coach

The GOP front-runner finally gets in some digs at Newt Gingrich.

The Inside Track

Luck, HBO’s horse-racing series, is about the other American pastime: gaming the system.


Cynthia Nixon, Gay and Proud

Are we "born that way"? Do we choose to be gay? Who cares?

And Then There Was Light, Man

Mimicking a familiar format, Alan Lightman's Mr. g fails to create a unique world.

99 Problems But This Ain't One

The special treatment Beyoncé received when she gave birth may have made the headlines, but real economic injustice gets noticed far less often.

The Yahoos Are Winning

A longtime movie critic's departure from the Village Voice signals a changing cultural tide.

It All Falls Apart

In the beautiful A Separation, even the family is no refuge from society.

Yes, It's "Rape" Rape

Good news: We'll soon see an increase in reported crime.

Yes We Camelot

What cultural artifacts will come to embody the current presidential administration?

Death Rattle

A new musical movement turns Mexican drug violence into catchy sing-alongs.

More Like Tin

The Iron Lady, short on substance and long on sentimentality, is just the sort of film Margaret Thatcher would hate.