Bait and Convert

The GOP primaries focused heavily on religion, but don't expect this trend to carry over into the general election.

Who Is the Nate Silver of the 2012 Race?

Is it Josh Putnam at Frontloading Headquarters?

What Contempt for Democracy Looks Like

Republicans in Michigan take it to a new level.

Sorry Republicans, Mitt Romney Is Just as Weak as He Looks

At best, the former Massachusetts governor is an adequate nominee for the presidency.

Some Actual Corporate Accountability

Turns out it isn't so hard.

Romney Tries to Master His Problem With Women

The presidential candidate agrees with Obama that Augusta should allow women members.

David Brooks to the Rescue!

The New York Times columnist comes to the defense of congressman Paul Ryan.

+120,000 Jobs for March

Today's Balance Sheet

Over at the Competition

E.J. Graff's new piece on Elizabeth Warren over at The Nation

March's Disappointing Jobs Report

Job growth has gone from good to blah in just over a month.

You're Gonna Make It After All

The feminist voice in presidential campaigns past and present.

A Coming War On Universities?

Now that they've done their worst to unions and women, conservatives may turn next to the ivy-covered halls.

Part Two: Charles Murray, the Long View

Coming Apart caps three decades of faux concern for the poor.

Even More Dems Support Marriage Equality

Four former DNC chairs release memo urging Democratic Party to add same-sex marriage to its platform.

What Does Romney Do Next?

A new poll has the former Massachusetts governor ahead in Pennsylvania. Will he turn to the general, or keep his focus on destroying Santorum?