Is Obama Unpopular, or Have the Polls Gone Crazy?

Trying to explain the big variation in yesterday's polling.

Romney's Issue with Evangelicals

Could his Mormon faith be hurting him down South?

Wolves to the Slaughter

The reintroduction of the gray wolf to the Northern Rockies was an ecological success story—until big money, old superstitions, and politics got in the way.

The Obama Campaign Takes on Health Care

Making the case with actual people.

This Station Is Non-Operational

Links for your evening.

Voter-ID Laws Face Major Roadblocks

The Department of Justice has blocked Texas's version of the bill—while a similar measure in Wisconsin is also hitting snags.

Mitt Romney Will Bury You

Chart of the day

Is Barack Obama the First Jewish President?

It's not as crazy an idea as you might think.

Americans Still Support the Birth-Control Mandate

Count this as an administration victory.

Banks Holding Up to the Downturn Stress

Today's Balance Sheet: The next round of bank stress tests finish up this week.

Interracial Marriage Is Still Controversial with Deep South Republicans

Large numbers of Republicans in Mississippi and Alabama think interracial marriage should be illegal, and that Obama is a Muslim.

When Do We Get to See Obama's Radicalism?

Somehow, it's always in the future.

The Future Is Far from Certain

There's still no guarantee that President Obama will come out on top in November.

You Want to Kill Bad Guys? Prove That They’re Bad.

Force any administration to reveal its reasoning and have it examined against the rules. That makes people more careful.

Romney's Southern Problem Might Not Matter Tuesday

He benefits from a divided field but still struggles with the base conservatives.